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'''Peter Chelcicky''' or '''Petr Chelčický'''The name may also be seen as Peter Chelciki, Peter Chelciky, Peter Chelcicky, Peter Chelcický, Petrus Cheltschitzky, Peter of Chelcic, Peter Helchitsky, et al.. () (c. 1390 – c. 1460) was a Christian spiritual leader and author in 15th century Bohemia (modern Czech Republic). He was one of the most influential thinkers of the Bohemian Reformation. His published works concentrated on critique of immorality and violence of the contemporary church and state. He proposed a number of Bible-based improvements for human society, including nonresistance, which influenced such luminaries as Tolstoy, Gandhi, and M.L.King. Paradoxically, the main part of the Hussites|Hussite movement rejected his teachings in favour of nonviolence and avoidance of politics, which led to much violence among the Hussite movement in the end. Chelcicky's teachings laid the foundation of the Unity of the...
RegionWestern Philosophy
EraMedieval philosophy
Birth datec. 1390 AD
Birth placeChelčice, Bohemian Kingdom (present-day Czech Republic)
Death datec. 1460 AD
Death placeChelčice
Main interestsReligion, Family
InfluencesJohn Huss, John Wycliffe, Tomáš Štítný ze Štítného
InfluencedUnity of the Brethren, Moravian Church, Baptist Union in the Czech Republic, Leo Tolstoy
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